Post-COVID-19 care options are evolving. The following links and information are provided in support of Calgary Zone family physicians. Please note that advice, recommendations and best practices related to COVID-19 that are referenced via these links are changing and/or being updated daily.

COVID-19 pathways

Post-COVID clinics

  1. Post-COVID-19 Respiratory Clinic 

  2. Specialized Long COVID clinics: Referral information, including referral form can be found on Alberta Referral Directory ( by searching “post-covid.” Referrals may be sent through Alberta Netcare eReferral Consult Request, or via fax to Pulmonary Central Access and Triage at 403-592-4201.

Provider resources

  1. Recovery and rehabilitation after COVID-19: Resources for health professionals

  2. Recovery after COVID-19

  3. British Medical Journal: Management of post-acute COVID-19 in primary care

  4. AMA webinar: Managing chronic symptoms of COVID-19

  5. Post-COVID-19 rehabilitation and allied health practice considerations

Patient resources

  1. Video: Getting healthy after COVID-19

  2. Education classes: The Alberta Healthy Living Program - Calgary Zone is offering five free online courses in July for adults with ongoing COVID-19 symptoms:
    - Eating after COVID-19
    - Managing Breathing and Sleep
    - Managing Daily Life
    - Managing Pain and Getting Active
    - Managing Stress
    Anyone 18 and over in Alberta can self-register for the courses starting Monday, June 14 online or by phoning the call centre at 403-943-2584. Eligible individuals can register for any course or combination of courses in any order. 

  3. Getting healthy after COVID-19 

  4. Recovery after COVID-19


  • Tele-advice: Please click on the 'COVID' button via or call 403.910.2551