Support services: At a glance


Family physicians in the Calgary area can choose from six great options when seeking specialist support for their patients. Click on the dial below to find out more about each one, including when and how to request services.

Resource Types


  • Who: Emergent and unstable patients
  • What: Police, fire, ambulance
  • When: 24/7
  • How: Call 911
  • Response time: Immediate
  • Billing code: Not applicable
  • Documentation: Only if RAAPID contacted.
  • More information: City of Calgary 911 website


  • Who: Clinically stable patients with urgent medical conditions who need specialist consultation or transfer within 24 hours
  • What: Phone call with specialist
  • When: 24/7
  • How: Call 403.944.4486 or 1.800.661.1700
  • Response time: Immediate
  • Billing code: Not applicable
  • Documentation: Yes - written, plus audio recordings of consultation
  • More information: RAAPID website

Community Paramedic Program

  • Who: Adult patients with urgent medical conditions requiring primary and specialized medical support
  • What: Care provided in patient's home within six to 24 hours
  • When: 365 days a year, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • How: Call patient coordinator at 1.855.491.5868 or fax completed Patient Referral Form to 403.776.3835
  • Response time: Patient vists can be scheduled same day or as requested
  • Billing code: 03.01NG
  • Documentation: Faxed visit note to referring physician
  • More information: Calgary Zone Community Paramedic Program website

Specialist LINK

  • Who: When same-day specialist advice is needed
  • What: Tele-advice with a specialist; clinical care pathways also available
  • When: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays (chronic pain 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
  • How: Request via or call 403.910.2551 or 1.844.962.5465
  • Response time: Calls returned within one hour
  • Billing code: 03.01LG
  • Documentation: No
  • More information: Specialist LINK website

Alberta Netcare eReferral Advice Request

  • Who: Non-urgent patients, for whom physicians and clinical support staff can request advice from a specialist
  • What: Answer to a patient-focused question
  • When: Requests accepted 24/7
  • How: Via Alberta Netcare
  • Response time: Within five calendar days
  • Billing code: 03.01R
  • Documentation: List of specialties accepting Advice Requests
  • More information: Visit Alberta Netcare eReferral

Regular Referrals / Alberta Referral Directory

  • Who: Stable patients requiring outpatient specialist assessment for conditions not deemed clinically urgent
  • What: Referrals for all specialties. Alberta Referral Directory is for AHS-scheduled health services
  • When: 24/7
  • How: Fax or online at Alberta Referral Directory
  • Response time: Routine referrals acknowledged within 7 working days. Referrals for AHS services acknowledged within 24 business hours
  • Billing code: Not applicable
  • Documentation: Depends on referral
  • More information: Alberta Referral Directory website

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