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There are no pathways associated with this tele-advice service at this time.

eReferral Advice also available

As an alternative to child & adolescent psychiatry tele-advice, providers in the Calgary Zone can submit an eReferral Advice Request for child and adolescent psychiatric health issues, and will receive a response back from a specialist within five calendar days.

To submit an eReferral Advice Request, go online. For a list of other specialties available and more information about eReferral, visit the website.

How to request Child and Adolescent Psychiatry tele-advice

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., excluding statutory holidays.

Please enter your name, PRAC ID and direct/private phone number (no dashes/hyphens)

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Tele-advice can also be requested by calling 403.910.2551 or toll-free at 1.844.962.5465. Please have the patient's Personal Health Number at hand for all tele-advice enquiries.

What can I enquire about?

  • Diagnostic or medication questions related to:
  • Initiating
  • Monitoring
  • Changing
  • Adjusting
  • Following

More details

Non-urgent advice is available for diagnostic or medication questions that could be answered after a brief history is provided. Medication questions could involve initiating, monitoring, changing, adjusting or following psychotropic medications for any psychiatric consideration.

The psychiatry line is not suitable for physicians seeing information about resources or those who have patients who require face-to-face consultation. Those inquires should be directed to Access Mental Health at 403-943-1500 (the rural intake line is available at 1-877-652-4700).

To request this service by phone, call 403-910-2551 and press 3, 2

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If you have a question, comment or technical issue, please call 403.910.2551 Ext 0, or email