Quality Referral Evolution, or QuRE for short, is a collaborative initiative between primary care doctors, specialists and patient advisors at the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, Primary Care Networks, the community and Alberta Health Services. It is was developed to improve the quality of communications between patients and providers, and enhance the standards of practice in the consultation/referral process. 

Research shows that more than 40 per cent of referral letters submitted do not include a clear clinical question. Partner that with missing information or incomplete details and this can lead to duplication of work, patient/provider frustrations and patient safety issues.

To help revolutionize Alberta’s referral management processes, consider using the QuRE Checklist. This handy, pocket-sized resource includes helpful questions and prompts you can use when writing your referral and consult notes.

For more information about the QuRE Checklist, read our summary. To get your own copy of the QuRE Checklist, email [email protected].

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