Cultural competency


  1. Calgary Zone Gastroenterology Quick Reference Guide

  2. Calgary Zone Gastroenterology centralized referral service

General Neurology

  1. Department of Clinical Neurosciences: Programs and clinics

  2. Headache: Treatment strategies for primary care

Mental Health

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS):

  1. Clinic description

  2. Referral form

  3. Patient FAQs

  4. Video: rTMS for depression

  5. Slides: Dr. Harpur presentation

  6. Mental health apps directory


  1. CKD pathway

  2. Online calculator: Kidney failure risk

  3. Resources: Conservative kidney management

Opioid Use Disorder

  1. Opioid Use Disorder telephone consultation service

  2. Opioid framework: Initiation and post-operative follow-up Management of continuation | Tapering

  3. Patient stories: Dr. Andie Bains on tapering | Sandra's story: Timing is everything

  4. Videos: How I quit opioids | Managing my pain | 'A better way of doing things' | Physician perspectives | Suboxone stories (compilation) | Health team integration into opioid management 

Refugee Health