The Specialist Link website has a new look and a faster and easier way of connecting family physicians and nurse practitioners in the Calgary area with the services and resources they need.

The new website offers the same core services as before: tele-advice, pathways and other resources.

What's changed is that they can all be accessed with one, simple step. Here's how:

  1. On the home page, go to the blue tele-advice box and hover over your preferred specialty to reveal the list of options

  2. Click on your chosen sub-specialty

  3. A pop-up screen will appear, from which you can:
    (a) Review what you can enquire about and how to make the most of your call, plus service hours
    (b) Click on related clinical care and access pathways, and find out if eReferral Advice is available as a second option
    (c) View related resources and a link to tech support
    (d) Submit a tele-advice request via and electronic request form, which will connect you with a specialist in real time. Calls are returned in one hour

For more information, email us at