Physicians requesting tele-advice from any one of the 49 services offered via Specialist Link can now add the patient's Personal Health Number (PHN) to the online request form.

Whether requesting via mobile, tablet or on a desktop computer, requesting physicians and their staff have the option of including the PHN to help provide context to the call.

Adding the PHN can help save time and allow the specialist to source results, scans or history prior to returning the call to the family physician. If the PHN is not available, enter 00000-0000 instead.

Physicians are also asked to include their first and last name, their PracID number, as well as a direct line or cell for the call. Requests for tele-advice are returned within one hour.

Requesting tele-advice is simple: Visit, hover over the appropriate specialty and then click on the preferred sub-specialty or service. Tele-advice can also be requested by phone by calling 403-910-2551. However, PHNs cannot be submitted via phone requests; physicians are asked to have them on hand instead.

Make the most of your call

After making a request, please allow an hour for a call-back – please don’t try submitting another request after 30 minutes. If you are working with a resident we recommend that you, as a preceptor, should also be on the call. This is important for billing reasons. Please just alert the consultant and ensure they are aware of this.

If you have any problems connecting with Specialist Link tele-advice, please email [email protected] or contact the Specialist Link administrator at 403-910-2551 (extension 0).