Three COVID-19 pathways that included separate patient management plans for pediatric and adult patients, as well as those with suspected or confirmed Long COVID, have been consolidated into a single, updated COVID-19 pathway.

Effective Thursday, July 28, the Long COVID and pediatric COVID-19 pathways developed during the pandemic and posted on have been discontinued. The updated adult COVID-19 pathway now includes links to advice and resources related to post-COVID patient management.

The lifting of public health measures, vaccination rates, reduced severity of illness, the availability of rapid antigen tests and a shift in the management of COVID-19 were all catalysts for the decision to consolidate the pathways. The need for a pediatric pathway will continue to be monitored as new strains emerge and/or if the management landscape changes. Long COVID resources are available here.

Requesting Specialist Link tele-advice is simple: Visit and click on the desired specialty or sub-specialty. Enter a direct phone number or cell and have the patient’s personal health number at hand. Calls are returned within one hour. Tele-advice can also be requested by calling 403-910-2551.

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